Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Getting Your Nashville Landscaping Ready for the Hot Summer Season

When summertime arrives, your garden will get more sun than during any other season. This means water is a crucial element to keep your landscape alive. And there are other factors you have to look into to make it as vibrant and appealing as at other times of the year. Here are some tips on getting your Nashville landscape design ready during the hot summer season. Pick the Right Flowers Your local nurseries will definitely have some pots of beautiful flowers that can survive the harsh heat, whether they are planted in direct sun or in semi-shaded places. If you don’t want to replant whenever the climate changes, you could look for shrubbery that can thrive not just in the summer heat but also in all four seasons. Some of these flowery plants are aster, dahlia, purple coneflower, dahlia and Moonshine yarrow.